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Probuddy Ethics Hotline and Unethics Disclosures Management Services Catalogue


Since 2012, C&C Turkey is providing corporate solutions and assistance services in health, employee happiness and motivation-enhancing service catergories as well as house maintenance, lifestyle, gastronomy, wellness and agriculture. It closely follows the needs and expectations of consumers and provides affordable and easy to access support services for Turkey’s leading Banks and Financial Centers, Insurance Companies. Our services consist of solution packages that we offer in the fields of supply network management, product development, loyalty projects, customer management and tracking, call center operations, Firm-specific “Ethics Code” and “Ethics Hotline Management Services” and employee well-being services.

C&C Boutique Assistance and Concierge Services Catalogue

Ethics Hotline & Ethics Code Services

By developing our Ethics Hotline and Ethics Code generation service package that we provide to company employees and service suppliers, we have started to provide services that make a difference to our Firms with our Probuddy brand, such as employee incentive and rewarding systems, notification-enhancing consultancy services and the evaluation and reporting of incoming reports by our expert staff. We adapt our “Code of Ethics” service package specifically to the needs of the Firms. With our expert team, we evaluate the current Code of Ethics practices with a professional and objective perspective and provide support for issues open to development. If an existing software or web based application is available, we evaluate it with our technical team and create the Company’s Road Map with IT support, professional coaching and “Ethical Ambassador” practices in areas that need improvement. Please click here for Probuddy services.


Solution Focused Approach

We rapidly create product and service packages that can meet the expectations and needs of our individual and corporate customers. Our team of experts to Turkey’re getting support from our strong partnerships we have established across.

Competitive Solutions

Our company makes contracts of the requested products and services, with Turkey’s service providers operate in the general himself. This enables our customers to produce more cost-effective solutions compared to our competitors.

Data Security

Both in our individual customers and corporate sectors in different areas; All kinds of information and data shared by our B2B customers, which we serve in the sectors of Banking & Finance, Retail, Health, Construction etc., are safely stored within our special software. All reports shared within our Ethics Hotline service are safely stored on our own servers.

Strong Infrastructure

Thanks to our advanced infrastructure, which constantly renews itself and can adapt quickly to different needs, we keep the documents of our end-users about all kinds of reports, records and service results in a structure where it is possible to access them with secure and personal information.

Since 2019, individuals and SMEs can also benefit from our assistance services. We offer workshops, online trainings and consultancy services we have developed for SMEs with our Probuddy brand. Our individual members can benefit from pet care, digital health services, wellness and healthy nutrition programs and lifestyle services thanks to the membership packages they will purchase. For detailed information, you can contact us at+90 216 663 61 43.

With our Probuddy brand that we have created to ensure employee happiness; We offer companies the Ethical Line & Code of Ethics and notice management practices, employee incentive and reward systems, well-being and online training services. For detailed information about our Probuddy services, you can visit our www.probuddy.club page.

You can send an e-mail to info@careandcreate.com for your ethics hotline demo requests, boutique assistance and concierge service requests, SME based services and individual demands or contact us at our support line at +90 216 663 61 43.

2407, 2012

C&C Foundation

C & C Turkey, was established in July 2012. C & C Turkey, to employees of corporate clients, Bank and Insurance Firmalarý'nýn card and policyholder members and individual users Health, Automotive, Home Care, Wellness, Lifestyle, developing entertainment and service packages in the field of agriculture, and to promote the call center after the sale.

Great Service!
As Hars Tractor, we needed different consultancy services for the happiness of our employees in the workplace. In this sense, Probuddy really benefited us. We contacted our employees and decided on the best workshops and put them into practice. The results are better than we expected. Thank you.
Onur Sarık, Hars Traktör

I’m impressed!
The results of the workshops and trainings we received from Probuddy have been very successful in order for our dealers to have more detailed information about our processes and to be more effective in their communication with each other.

Arzu Kavak, Index

Really expert staff!
The trainings we received from Probuddy in order to enable our entrepreneurs to be more productive during their busy periods, to focus on their own projects and to get more efficiency from each other during the workshops we have implemented.

Ömür Filiz, Technolera

C&C Boutique Assistance Solutions & Probuddy Ethics Hotline & Ethics Code Management & Employee Well-Being Services



Our probuddy services that we have prepared according to the needs and expectations of the companies include; Ethics hotline and unethic begaviors management systems, employee incentive, well-being and disclosure enhancing programs, online training and consultancy services. For detailed information, you can send us your request at info@careandcreate.com.

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