Wide Service Portfolio

Service packages suitable for corporate and individual purchases

You can have a wide range of services to meet corporate and individual service demands with C&C.

Different Service Option

Ability to create service packs the way you want

In corporate or individual service purchases, you can create your packages as you wish, and choose the most accurate services for your employee, supplier or yourself from our service options.

Easy Service Organisation

Do not spend long hours for appointments

Be sure to check out our quick appointment that will allow you to quickly organize the services you have purchased through C&C.

Customer Relations Support

24/7 live support

Thanks to the C&C support section, you can reach the answers of any questions you wonder about our services in a short time.

Professional Service Providers

Meet C & C's expert service providers

We respond to your needs Turkey as soon as possible with our expert service providers all around Turkey.

Robust Infrastructure

Trouble-free and sustainable technical infrastructure

Thanks to the infrastructure opportunities offered by our professional service suppliers, we manage service and process management close to perfect.

Ethics Hotline Services

By developing our Ethics Hotline and Ethical Code generation services that we provide to company employees and service suppliers, we have started to provide services that make a difference to our Firms with our Probuddy brand, such as employee incentive and rewarding systems, notification-enhancing consultancy services and the evaluation and reporting of incoming reports by our expert staff. We adapt our “Ethics Code” service package specifically to the needs and expectations of the Firms.

  • With our expert team, we evaluate the current Code of Ethics practices with a professional and objective perspective and provide support for issues open to development.

  • If an existing software or web based application is available, we evaluate it with our technical team and create the Company’s Road Map with IT support, professional coaching and “Ethics Ambassador” practices in areas that need improvement.

  • We consolidate the notifications shared by the company employees through different channels and report them professionally.

C & C Turkey since 2012. is providing corporate solutions and assistance services in the field of health, employee happiness and motivation-enhancing services, housing support, vehicle maintenance, lifestyle, gastronomy, wellness and agriculture. It closely follows the needs and expectations of consumers and provides affordable and easy to access support services for Turkey’s leading Banks and Financial Centers, Insurance Companies. Our services consist of solution packages that we offer in the fields of supply network management, product development, loyalty projects, customer management and tracking, call center operation, Firm-specific “Ethics Code” practices and process management.

For our blue / white collar employees or service providers, please click here for our “Ethics Hotline” services and coaching and professional consultancy services that you can offer to your senior management team.

Please click here for detailed information about our Vip health packages and our web-based applications that we have developed to track the health problems, make online calls, and track past registration and appointment information.

For detailed information about our mobile-based instant or advanced vip vehicle calling services, travel consultancy and information services and specially developed vip service packages for gastronomy, please click here.

On the phone we provide 24/7, consultancy and information lines are developed specifically for the individual and the Firm. You can contact us for our telephone consultancy services that we have developed in different areas that the individual or the company may need, such as medical consultation, SSI consultation, entertainment consultancy, flavor consultancy and style consultancy.

Do not forget to take a look at our individual and corporate membership packages for all kinds of services you may need in Istanbul’s taste venues, special recipes, chef suggestions, tricks, gastronomy tours, workshops and special events.

Please click here for detailed information about tractor tractor services, network discounts, agricultural consultancy service and other services for farmers.