Tractor Towing Service

Persons or SMEs who have the right to benefit from the C&C tractor assistance package may benefit from tractor towing service rights. The tractor, which is defective or unable to serve, is towed to the nearest service.

Discounted Tractor Spare Parts Service

Various discounts and benefits are provided in tractor spare parts services throughout Turkey. In order to benefit from this service, farmers are required to make an appointment with the C&C support team and obtain codes specifically defined for them.

Organic Fertilizer & Pesticides

In order to benefit from discounted organic fertilizer, seedlings and pesticides, the C&C tractor assistance package must be valid. The discount rates applicable under this discount right are limited to the rates determined by C&C contracted suppliers.

Agriculture Consultancy

Farmers who have the right to benefit from the C&C tractor assistance service package can receive agricultural advice on the phone from our expert and experienced agricultural consultants in our supply network.

As C&C, we never compromise our perfectionist customer and service approach such as the ethical values of our age, the right expectations of customers about quality service and the smooth operation during service procurement.

We work in harmony with our 100s service providers in Turkey and we are working with development-oriented approach. One of the most important values for C&C is the fact that both individual card users and policyholders who benefit from our services and our suppliers we work with work in harmony and trust.

As C&C, we guarantee on behalf of our C&C Team and our solution partners that you can enjoy our services from purchasing to benefiting from service without any problems.

As C&C, we take a very sensitive approach regarding the expectations of our solution partners. We are trying to show our meticulousness in their choices about their needs in order to ensure our cooperation with the awareness that they should be a long-term part of the ring.

As C&C, we cooperate with the solution partners who keep quality standards at the maximum level by showing the same sensitivity in the selection of our suppliers in the direction of the importance we attach to humans. Aware of the weakest link of the chain, we continue to offer solutions that will make a difference by strengthening our supplier network each passing day within the framework of ethical rules, independent of the dynamics of the sector.