Corporate Solutions & Assistance Services

Since July 2012, as C&C, we have been developing our team, and the most important issue has been to choose the solution partners, who, like us, will keep the customer expectations at the highest level, have ethical and moral values ​​and give importance to functionality rather than commercial concerns. Both teams located in our own team as well as our friends from across Turkey have negotiated compromise that we have in doing business with partner 100s ethical and moral values. We have brought together the services that individuals need in their social, private and professional lives with the 3 brands we have developed.

All of our 3 brands have been developed specifically not only for the customers of the Firms who have a card or policy, but also for those who need these services individually who are not employees of any Firm. Our “GastroEntertainment” service in Bodrummondo can be purchased individually and individuals can benefit from food / beverage services at a discount in institutions with a Gastronomy agreement in Bodrum 1, week, 15 days or monthly.

Our Ethical Line and Ethical Code services are developed exclusively for the Firms and can be shaped with our sub-service packages according to the needs and expectations of the Firms. You can visit our “Probuddy” site to get detailed information about these services.

Our Brands

As C&C  with the motto; “We care and create solutions for you” we are providing corporate solutions and assistance services to the leading Companies in Turkey that are operating at different sectors. Beneath corporate solutions we are providing individual solutions to end users mainly at health, lifestyle and travel categories.

Due to Turkey’s Bodrum’s holiday heaven and be the pearl in this sense, we have developed a lot of assistance services in the basement of the people living in Bodrum and for the people enjoying their holidays in Bodrum to simplify their lives.


We brought together service titles “Mobbing, psychological harassment, which do not fit the Firm’s own ethical categories and negatively affect employee satisfaction”, which we believe can meet the blue and white collar working in the private sector. We developed services such as ethical line consultancy and ethical code generation services tailored to the needs of the Firms, enhancing notice and reinforcing employee well-being.




Your life and entertainment assistant in Bodrum!

You can benefit from 10% up to 25% discount in almost 100s of gastronomy and entertainment venues that we have contracted through the Bodrummondo platform that we have developed for those who come to Bodrum for holiday purposes. Customers can benefit from our point-to-point transfer service packages to go to the airport or anywhere. Also you can catch up latest and up to date entertainment organisations, live concerts and others through this platform.


We care and create solutions for you!

C & C is the boutique brand image of our company relating to Turkey’s assistance and concierge services, supply management and after-sales support services. As C&C, we develop product and service packages according to the needs and expectations of the Firms, we make agreements with the right service suppliers and we make the appointment organizations of the card / policy holder members or individual customers during the service utilization phase.


Your best buddy at work!

As a company, you can examine our “Ethics Hotline and Ethics Code” services for unethical situations that do not match with the ideal behavior, practices and discourses required by the professional life in the workplace and that are contrary to the Ethical Code practices created by the Company. We provide professional support, IS support as well as consolidate all the unethics disclosures supported by the Road Map we provide with online practises.