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Ethics Code Management Service

Ethics code service is a hotline and ethical process management service that blue and white collar employees can use if they are exposed to inappropriate or unethical verbal or written action. Ethical code service includes ethical line consultancy, ethical standardization and committee building, evaluation of unethical behaviors, establishment of Ethical Ambassadors and forming an “Ethical Manifesto” at the end of the year.

Ethics Hotline Service

The ethics hotline is established to report an unethical situation that happened to the Company employee or any of the management staff.
Ethics hotline is tailored to your company’s needs or expectations. Service hours, the creation of scripts, the way in which the unethical behaviors will be reported and the evaluation processes of these reports are created according to the request of the Company and specially for the Company. Each situation and event is evaluated in a different way within the Company and on its own and is resolved upon request.
If requested by the Company during the evaluation process, our Mobbing experts will share their opinions and suggestions in a report with the Ethics Committee or Ethics Managers if available.

Ethics line consultancy service can be provided not only in Turkish but also in Arabic and English.
Ethics consultancy service records are kept on our own servers for 10 years.

Within the scope of the ethics hotline service, two free seminar services are given to companies twice a year entitled “The importance of ethical rules and the importance of reporting unethical behavior for company and company employees”

Importance of Report of Unethical Behavior in Ethical Code Process;

Report of unethical behavior; It is the situation of secretly reporting to a competent authority and giving away a person who is considered guilty or an event that is considered a crime.
The most reliable, impartial and reportable method of reporting in the case of unethical behavior or discourse in companies with blue and white collar employees is one of the main issues that Firms invest in their employees within the scope of human resources. Although Companies give different names to this service (reporting, notification system, talking, open door policy), the aim is the same in all. It can be clearly seen in many cases that such systems are one of the most effective methods for obtaining clues about unethical behavior. Accordingly, “advisory / unethical behaviors lines / ethics hotline” have become the most effective solution for companies.

Corporate Ethics Code Management Service;

The steps and processes required to create an Ethics Code in line with the needs of the companies are listed below;

Ethics Code & Committee is established.
Ethics hotline service is established to be provided over the phone.
Unethical behaviors evaluation processes are established.
Web-based applications are developed in order for the employees to be informed about the processes.
Workshops are organized to support the mechanism and trainings are given to Company employees.

Ethical Manifesto is created at the end of the company-specific year.

How is reporting done?

Employees’ questions and problems are reported instantly. Reporting is made for the calls coming from the institutions in the periods determined by mutual agreement.
Access to reports is possible by entering the user name and password through the system according to the request of the Company, or reports can be sent to the Company official in encrypted form on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Which ways to reach C&C Ethics Line Consultants?

Via E-Mail

Our C & C team created an e-mail address for customers’ or employees’ unethical behaviors. Questions, comments and infringement notices are sent to the authority’s authority or, if applicable, to the Ethics Committee.

Via Web

On the Ethics Line website, information on Corporate Business Principles and Frequently Asked Questions are placed in the area specific to the institution.

Via Telephone Call

Clients can consult the C & C consultants by telephone for any cases believed to be adversely affected by professional life during their working hours.

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