Elif Karayiğit
Elif KarayiğitFounder
For more than 15 years of corporate and brand communications in Turkey’s leading company, after my studies in the field of network management products and on my way to the company and individual users to create custom and boutique services. I started this adventure in 2012 in Turkey at the moment across the network specialist network consisting of more than 500 suppliers, professional solution in the industry with our customers and our industry-leading range of partners, we continue to grow rapidly.

“What we have done is a guarantee of what we will do..”

Turkey’s loyalty card project is a pioneer and leading provider of meanings for 5 years serving the company’s main supplier. As a result of what we have learned from our customers, we have been working in the areas of product development, network management, after-sales support, call center operation and mobile technologies since 2012, by making strong solution partnerships thanks to our rapid development in the sector dynamics and our goal of maintaining our presence in niche areas.

  • Personal and corporate boutique services.
  • Product and service network supported by mobile application and technological infrastructure.
  • Call center service and after sales support that gives importance to personal data and data security.

2018 was the year of mobile applications, technological developments and strong solution partnerships for C & C. The developments in transportation and tourism sectors led us to produce faster and proactive solutions and to develop different technological and infrastructure supported products. At the point we came to our customers, with the 360-degree service approach, we were able to create and report all processes from determining customer needs to the creation of back-up channels to reach this product quickly.

Towards the end of 2018, we developed two different products as a result of the need for lifestyle and employee productivity. Thanks to the Bodrummondo service portal we created with the motto prob Life and Entertainment in Bodrum geliştir, we have ensured that all kinds of services needed in Bodrum are taken from quality suppliers. We have ensured that blue and white collar employees and management staff can reach all kinds of consultancy, workshops and trainings they need in their professional lives easily and quickly through a single platform.

We supply services throughout Turkey in 2018 to close to our suppliers, including about 500 in the field of health in particular will allow them to create their own digital reputation can be more transparent to customers and we have developed a mobile application. Thanks to this practice, which is widely used by the dentists especially in the health sector, “Patient Follow-up” and “Invoicing” processes have been followed through the application and turned into a reportable form. Thanks to this platform, we have facilitated the lives of not only our healthcare providers, but also our countless suppliers in the fields of law, wellness and lifestyle.